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Acne scars take many forms, sizes and shapes: rolling, boxcar, pit like, inflamed and thickened, dark discolorations or simply those that take time to heal. No amount of makeup or coverings can get rid of the scars and the once beautiful girl or handsome young man, becomes discontented with self. This is now the road to finding the cure to acne.

The development of acne during pubescence is a time of insecurities and lowered self esteem. There is a saying that goes: ‘children can be mean.” Going to school with acne can make or break the individual. There is just no getting around it. Fortunately for most teenagers, this is usually outgrown and life simply goes back to normal. For the unfortunate few who never get over it, life just keeps on getting tougher. Sometimes, the acne stops developing much to the delight of the individual. However, there are just some that despite the cessation of that embarrassing condition, the scars left behind and the scars of the mind will never fade.

For those individuals who have scars that could never have the hope of ever smoothening over, there is another alternative. Acne scar surgery is a type of plastic surgery that removes the unwanted scar tissue. For some, it only takes a few sessions, for others it takes more. There are a lot of options out there, all you need to do is to ask your health care professional and find who are the best qualified to perform the procedure. Acne scar surgery comes in different forms, depending on your needs: laser, dermabrasion, subcision, punch excision or simply an injection with a corticosteroid.

Like anything else in this world, life is uncertain. The acne scar surgery may remove the existing scar, but the Growth of acne may continue. For some women, it goes all the way up to their forties or even fifties. Factors that can trigger the inflammations can be hormonal; there are even claims that some foods actually heighten the inflammations although most of these are theoretical in nature. Foods like peanuts, chocolate and dairy products are seen as contributors to pimple and acne developments. Sometimes, normal treatments like acne skin care are simply insufficient. There are products like skin peels that are available in the market today. Considered by some as highly effective, some argue that these have side effects that can worsen the skin condition. Most of these products heighten skin sensitivity to the UV rays, and sun blocks have to be applied.

Acne scar surgery should not be seen as a miracle cure for all. It is an invasive and drastic step when no other non invasive alternatives are available. It is also important to understand that acne skin care therapy still has to continue after the surgery. Skin hygiene and a change of diet are also encouraged to help deter post acne scar surgery from developing. As long as there is acne growth, the acne will keep on reappearing. Not all stories have happy endings,


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