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Skin Analysis

The SkinSys Analysis Wizard gives you the ability to measure moisture, oil, curvature, keratin, pore size, and pigmentation, while providing you with detailed skin analysis results and recommendations. It allows you to compare measurements by date, to track changes in the condition of your skin overt time.

The first step of this process is Moisture Analysis, which utilizes the moisture meter to record derive the percentage of moisture present on the skin. This analysis targets both the T-zone, or brow, and the U-zone, or chin, and bases its results not only on the percentage of moisture located on the skin, but also on your client's information. This information can then be used to determine if the skin is predisposed to early aging, scars, and sebaceous gland dysfunctions.

The Moisture Analysis function is followed by Oil Analysis, which incorporates the use of the sebum stage and sebum measurement kit to analyze the amount of oil present on the T and U zones of the face.

The third stage of diagnosis is Curvature Analysis. This requires the use of the 12x illumination cap, for the USB 225 camera, to correctly capture an image. This image is then analyzed and turned into a 3d chart. The higher the curvature the more wrinkles the client possesses and the more deficient their collagen and elastin.

Curvature Analysis is followed by Keratin Analysis, which uses the 50x polarized filter cap to capture images through direct contact with the skin. This analysis can then be used to determine if there is a deficiency of moisture in the skin, which is causing inflamed, itchy breakouts.

The Pore Analysis function allows you to map out and record individual pore diameters for clients, so they can understand their skin conditions and what is required for treatment. If pore sizes are large, they can be afflicted by excess sebum secretion and lead to sebum clusters, which accumulate waste. These large sebum clusters can lead to inflammatory acne if, they become infected by bacteria.

The final stage of diagnosis is Pigmentation Analysis, which requires the use of the 14x polarized filter cap to capture images through direct contact with the skin. Pigmentation is often analyzed around the eyes, mouth, or cheekbones, with discoloration appearing liver-colored and clearly distinguishable from natural skin tones.


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